Panasonic massage chair reviews 2017

We’ve all heard about the brands reputation for electronic devices, but what can a Panasonic massage chairs offer its users? Going by our research, we find that there are several models they provide, that contain some good functions and ensure users have control over the power of their massage and the actual muscle groups to target.

They stand toe to toe with many of their competitors when it comes to settings and programs, and some come with advanced massaging techniques that can really help relieve stress and pain.

We go through some of their products below to try and deliver a summary of what to expect if you were to buy one.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Panasonic EP-MA10kU 7/10
Panasonic EP-MA73 8/10
Panasonic EP30007 8/10


So, from our picks above, what can consumers expect to find? We scour the web to aid us in finding out what each models individual specifications are, there price range, what buyers are saying about it, and options/programs built in.

Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro Ultra

The EP30007 can potentially bring a lot to your lounge in terms of relaxation and feeling at ease. It’s equipped with quad style tech and provides numerous programs that range from Swedish, quick, stretch, shiatsu, and deep to make sure your sore muscles are well worked over.

As far as techniques go, this has Junetsu built in, which is a Japanese method that can really help ease the pain in your back and neck.

In addition to the pre set programs, users also have a choice of eight differing manual operations that include Junetsu ultra knead, tap, grasp, and several others such as Swedish and Shiatsu.

Something we believe is important is the amount of control you get over the settings. What hits the spot for some, may not work as well for others, so it’s important to have a certain amount of control. This model has just that, intensity adjustment according to your needs.

What’s more, it’s able to recline to take the weight off your body, and allow you to sit back an relax.

This is a mid to upper range product that won’t come cheap, but that’s to be expected from a well known brand name with plenty of features built in.

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro

If you are someone who’s interested in the amount of massage combinations built into a seat, you will be impressed with the EP-MA73’s 108. This level of variety is on another level to many of the cheaper variants, and ensures it caters to all kinds of muscle aches and pains.

Like the product above, you get control over how you conduct your massage sessions, with its ability to change up the overall intensity and speed using the remote.

The areas which it targets vary by quite a bit, but on the whole, the majority of the body can be targeted, with specific settings for your shoulders, back, butt, arms, and legs. To do so, it utilizes various technology including airbags, heated rollers, and body scanning technology which maps out your spinal curve to ensure that the back is well supported.

In addition to this, you can choose between six manual and pre-set programs, and hit the soles of your feet with kneading, which is something not offered by every competitor. This is a welcome addition for people who tend to be walking about or standing on their feet for longer durations throughout the day.

You will want to ensure you have enough space in the lounge to accommodate both its upright and reclined dimensions. The upright measurements are listed as 45.3 inches in height x 32.7 inches in width x 48 inches in depth, and the reclined measurements are 26 x 32.7 x 79.6.

The upholstery is a faux leather, that comes in black, and there will be a little assembly required.

Overall, we see this as more of a high end, luxury product for those willing to spend a little more for the additional benefits.

Panasonic EP-MA10KU Urban Collection

The faux leather upholstery comes in a black finish that could match many lounges surrounding furniture and decor.

This model could be ideal for those wanting something that includes aspects of ancient Chinese massage culture. In this case, there are features built in that will work the spinal area to help relieve muscle stiffness in the neck and back.

Those of you who appreciate the zero gravity models, will enjoy the power adjustable recline feature. It will go back to an angle of one hundred and seventy degrees, which isn’t far off flat,  and will, ultimately, put you in a comfortable position that’s relaxing.

It features four preset programs, and five manual. Of the preset, they include: Swedish, neck & shoulder, lower back, and deep. Other manual operations include kneading, swedish, shiatsu, tapping, and roll. Combine all this with the ability to change up the height, and the multiple airbags for further stimulation, and you have the formula for relaxation.

This is another mid tier product that may not be the most advanced in the industry, but it includes a decent set of specs that will soothe aches and pains, and help you out after a stressful day.

Innovations and technology

As a brand, they tend to include some good features and functions to help you get the most out of your massage chair. Users will find models that offer heated rollers, airbag technology, and its ability to focus on individual parts of the body instead of many at once. This can help you target specific muscle groups that may be causing you problems.

Additionally, you will often find they come with user friendly remote controls that will enable you to alter the speed and intensity, and switch between the differing programs that it comes with. Several will also include the ability to control the reclining functionality, to help you take the weight off your feet.

Wrapping up

Overall, we feel many of the Panasonic massaging chairs would be a suitable match for someone wanting to find a product that has advanced technology and the next step up from the limitations of the basic and bargain options.

They can include various styles such as Swedish, and Shiatsu, give users the ability to control the speed and intensity, and in many cases,  you will be able to move yourself into a comfortable position using the recline feature.