Human Touch Massage Chair Reviews 2017

This company produce a good selection of massage chairs for many different purposes. Some products may be a good match for people wanting a comfortable, massaging office chair, whilst for others, they may want something with plenty of settings and options be it heating, rollers, or air bags for taking time out to relax in their lounge. Whatever your purpose is, we go through some of the higher rated models, alongside a selection for alternative requirements to make the buying process easier.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Human Touch WholeBody 5.0 8/10
Human Touch HT-3300 8/10
Human Touch HT-275 9/10

Who are they?

They are a brand that produces some of the top rated massage chairs in the industry. They have produced a variety of comfortable seats and armchairs that work to help users relax for over thirty years.

They aim to produce smart seating that mimics what professional masseuses do automatically to some extent, saving you time and giving shoppers the convenience of getting a soothing massage from the comfort of their own living space.

According to their website, they have a team of people who design and engineer the latest products that work to provide something that is effective and therapeutic. In fact, they state they co-operate alongside the medical community too, which will no doubt be of great use to them in learning how the body and muscles react to different movements, rollers, and heating within the chairs.

They produce several well known sub ranges that have become a popular choice for consumers. Among these is the Ascent, Perfect chair, and iJoy collection.


There are many differing innovations and technology to focus on that are designed to help you feel at ease and become more effective therapeutically. Some of these we will list below.

Omni-Motion – Includes a dual motor mechanism which can enable the user to have more control over more seating positions.

Zero Gravity – The inclusion of anti gravity style designs within some of their models ensures users get the most support for sensitive body locations like the spine. Feeling weight less adds a positive feeling to the whole experience too.


We look at the numerous products specifications, their functionality, and design features. This includes looking at the upholstery, user friendliness, whether or not they can be controlled with a remote, and of course, the amount of settings. Ideally, this will help our readers understand whether or not a particular model meets their needs, be it the size of the room, of the muscle groups targeted and how.

HT “HT-275”

The HT-275 model could be a good shout for your lounge with the ability to provide a full body massage that utilizes four different manual techniques and three automatic to ensure your body gets the most out of your resting and relaxation sessions.

The rollers can be moved around using the remote control, and will enable people to target either their back, or their neck. Combine this with the heating properties in the back area, and this will help heal the muscle areas that are causing you to suffer aches and pains.

To further solidify its position as a full body option, this model also includes settings (rotating) for both your calves and feet which is great for those of you who have been on the go all week, and want to give them time to recover.

There is a neck pillow to allow users to position there head where they feel most comfortable, and the upholstery looks quite modern which wouldn’t look out of place in many households. However, if you’re sensitive to furniture matching, you also get the choice between two colors, the first being Espresso, and the other being black.

HT “HT-3300”

With a SofHyde, espresso finish on the upholstery, along with some nice, modern wood on the arm rests, the HT-3300 looks stylish and presentable whilst not displaying anything over the top that may effect the look and feel of the surrounding room.

It can recline to an angle of your comfort preferences without the need of any manual labor via the push of a button.

You shall find a three auto massage programs built in that aim to help users reduce stress, provide effective pain relief for the back muscles, and offer a platform from which you can truly relax in your free time.

In addition to the three auto options, you get four manual options that give users a choice in a variety of different settings and features used for varying parts of the body. Areas targeted include your feet and calves,  your back and neck. It utilizes kneading, rolling, compression, and percussion techniques.

And whilst the legs massaging part is a positive, it can have a downside in some cases, especially with how it looks. However, with this model, you can convert it to an ottoman to allow it to blend in nicely with the rest of the furniture pieces.

However, one thing taller than average users should take into account is that this isn’t designed for people above six foot two. That doesn’t mean to say you won’t be able to use it, but there may be problems with fitting your legs fully in, and there are probably more sensible products to go for instead if you fall into this category.

HT “WholeBody 5.0”

Those of you who dislike putting things together will be pleased to hear that the WholeBody 5.0 comes ready assembled. Externally, it doesn’t look too bulky or boxy, and has a black, leather like finish in its upholstery, which is great as aesthetics is something that some of these seats sometimes struggle with.

You have the choice between three relaxing massage techniques in flex, tone, and stretch, and as the name would suggest, you will get a full body work over including your back, your feet, and calves with the inclusion of CirQlation technology which is designed to improve blood circulation and provide pain relief.

In addition to this, the armrests at the side are padded and like several others from this brand, the foot massage part converts into a ottoman when not in use and users get a nice amount of control over their sessions with many options having the ability to be altered with the push of a button.

The manufacturer makes recommendations based on height and weight to ensure you fit. The height recommendations are suitable for people between five and six foot two,  with a maximum user weight limit of two hundred and eighty five pounds.

Wrapping up

Some of the Human Touch massage chairs are popular among buyers. Others, not as much. On the whole, they offer a good range of products for a variety of different purposes. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think you would benefit from heat therapy, full body sessions, or the ability to recline as far back as possible. The chances are, they have a style that could well meet your needs for home usage, and the ones above are just a few of our picks based on a whole range of criteria.

However, as with many of our recommendations, you will want to check out consumer feedback online before you decide to take the plunge and purchase one. They don’t come cheap, so it’s important you understand what you’re buying and if the product has any potential flaws that you should be aware of. Good luck.