Differences between 2D and 3D Massage Chairs

There is certainly a lot to take into consideration when buying a massage chair. Our buying guide tries to answer as many questions new buyers may have. However, one thing that is frequently asked is what are chairs with 2D, 3D, and 4D technology and what are their main differences. I will explain each below in detail to give you a clearer picture.


These are the chairs seen as the originals or traditional options. These will be among the more common models you come across whilst shopping. The idea behind the 2d technlogy is to include built in rollers which have the ability to move up and down, left and right. It’s a more basic, but tried and tested way to help your muscles relax.


If you’ve spent a fair amount of time browsing what the market has to offer already, you will of no doubt of seen 3D technology mentioned. These are usually found in more expensive, higher tier products. The reason for this is that they provided all the roller and kneading movements of a 2D option, but with the addition of of going in and out. The idea behind this, is to provide a deeper, more intense massage. This works in favor of seats which come with the ability to body scan you to determine your height and body shape.

Wrapping up

Overall, picking 3D tech will in most cases cost a fair amount more. If you’re someone shopping on a tight budget, 2D may be the way forward, as there are still plenty of reliable massage chairs that fall into this category. However, with that being said, you shouldn’t be taking your eye off other features that can make or break a model. Always be on the look out for things like speed and intensity settings, whether or not all the functions can be controlled by remote, alongside heating, and its ability to recline.