Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs 2017

Nothing beats a long rest after a hard days work. Or does it? How about taking a long rest on a zero gravity massage chair? These have the ability to recline into a steeper position to a point where your legs will be at a point higher your body, and for first time users may feel odd and unnatural. But the idea behind it is to truly take as much of the weight off your body as possible to help you recover from the days stress.

We analyze some of these chairs below to give readers an insight into not only their recline settings, but also how they stack up against the competition in terms of functionality and performance.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Real Relax Full Body 8/10
Relaxonchair MK-II Plus 9/10
MCombo Domestic Luxury 8/10

How they work

Whilst it does have a fancy name, don’t expect anything out of a science fiction movie, like a chair that floats or hovers. In fact, the idea behind them is quite simple, to recline into a position that takes the most stress off the body.

They do this by taking up a position in which the users weight is well distributed across the chair, which combined with the intensive massage settings a lot of these chairs come equipped with, can result in a weight less sensation, which ultimately, provides a long list of ways it can be advantageous to your health.


The benefits of using the zero gravity variants are pretty similar to the standard massage chairs available on the market. These include the obvious advantages such as improved circulation, stress relieving, and soothing muscle pain. The additional advantages we’d associate with these products is that you have more choice in how you position yourself, although, when fully reclined, you will want to ensure you have sufficient space in the room you’re installing it in as it gets longer.

Our reviews

Our reviewed anti gravity chairs below contain information about their capabilities alongside the specifications listed to give you an idea if it’s the kind of chair you’ve been searching for.

Real Relax Full Body

With a plethora of functions built in, the Real relax chair has the potential to live up to its name with options for working on the hips, feet, legs, waist, and neck.

It does this utilizing a nice combination of air bags, heat, and various massage points for some of the most stressful regions in the body, which combined with its ability to recline, make a formula for comfort and relaxation.

You get what the manufacturer calls a shoulder wrap, which have four airbags inside and wrap themselves round the shoulder region to ensure they are being fully targeted.

The back rest comes equipped with eight main massaging points that compliment the surrounding functions to give a great full body workout.

For your legs and feet, you are also ‘wrapped’ with air bags either side, and at the bottom. a stress relieving roller foot massage that increases blood circulation and helps you remove yourself of pains of being on your feet all day.

It’s not a bad looking piece of furniture that will quite easily blend with other elements of the room, all this combined with the fact it is cheaper than many of its competitors, and you can see why many consumers have left good feedback for it across the web.

MCombo Domestic Luxury

This is a product that offers two differences in color to meet various decor and interior design tastes. One of them being black with a hint of white, and the other black with a hint of red.

To relieve fatigue, this could be a sensible pick. It comes equipped with various air pressure settings for the arm rests and head, and several sections using kneading, heat, pulsating and massaging functions to ease up the soreness of muscles and reduce stress.

It’s always nice to ave a certain degree of control over your massage sessions, even if you also have the choice automatic programs. The MCombo gives users just that with a LCD remote control to navigate through the various settings to choose one that suits the preferences.

It’s made of PU leather, also known as Bicast leather, and has a silk head cushion. In its construction materials, you will also find it has a steel frame to make it more solid, sturdy, and durable. Certain materials are also used to help reduce the chances of it catching alight and ensuring safety of your home.

As far as pricing and budgets go, this is not quite the cheapest you will come across in your search. However, it still remains affordable with some solid features built in.


This zero g chair is one that made the list for a number of reasons. The amount of control over your sessions, intensity, and speed is one of them, and the computerized scanning of your body which is designed to locate the points at which to massage. This advanced technology isn’t something that comes with every product, but is certainly something that makes this one worth taking into consideration.

When we talk about control, we mean being able to choose between speeds and intensities to go at a pace of your preference. Which in this case, it allows the user to do exactly that, with three levels of airbag intensity to switch between, and three speed settings. You shall also be able to navigate through the four automatic programs, and three manual which include tapping, kneading, and a combination of these. Other buttons included allow you to set a timer.

You can choose to elevate yourself to a position where the weight your body and back takes on board is at a minimum, relieving pain. When you put this alongside the L track style rollers which go up and down the spine and under the seat, you can see why this could potentially be a good choice for an effective full body massage.

Not forgetting, multiple positions for airbags will help add to the comfort given throughout, including the waist, hips, lower back, shoulders, and legs.

This is a mid range option, that could fit in well with several types of modern decor, but it will not come cheap with all the functionality included.

Wrapping up

Taken as whole, anti gravity massaging chairs share many similarities with normal models. They still contain many of the specifications that make the others great for relaxation such as air bag pressure, heat, and various types of rollers. The main difference being these allow users to recline to a position that takes away a lot of the weight that gets put on sensitive points like your feet and back, given a weightlessness sensation that adds to, and improves the whole experience. If however, you want to target specific areas with a bit more mobility, why not have a look at some of the top cushions available.