Best massage office chairs 2017 – In depth guide

So you find yourself in the office taking calls non stop, with your clients or boss putting pressure on you, the stress levels are building up, and it’s beginning to show. Why not research into getting a massage office chair with built in heat and roller settings to help reduce the tension and stress that the days work hits you with. These are well built products that can really help you relax through the more testing moments.

In this article, we will be providing a list of individual products that we feel are among the best in the industry. We outline the specifications, settings, and what consumers are feeling about each to give you a in depth understanding of what you could potentially be letting yourself in for upon purchase.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
HomCom Executive Ergonomic 7/10
Relaxzen 60-425111 8/10
Flash Furniture black leather executive 6/10


Before you decide to buy anything, there are a couple of things to take into account that may help you running into problems or asking for your money back later on.

Space – Give yourself an idea of how much space you have around your desk, as well as the chair opening and try to make sure you take time to research into whether or not the product dimensions will fit, both in width and in adjustments made to the height of this seat.

Recline – Ask yourself if you want a model that can recline as and when you need it to, or if you’re happy with it having limited movement in this respect. It doesn’t have to be a zero gravity massaging chair, but some positional adjustment is always welcome.

Transform – Some models have the ability to double up as use alongside an ottoman. Not only can these be used to put your feet up in your downtime away from the phones, but they can also compliment the decor and styles of your room.

Budget – Usually you will find a decent model for under $250 dollars. There are some the feature above this price point, and many that feature below. As a rule of thumb, the higher the price, the more functions it has built in or the higher quality the construction.


The top massage chairs are the ones that will offer a nice variety of health advantages, along with the ability to change up the position you are sitting in. However, because of the needs of office environments, be it at home or for the company you work for, they need to be built and styled in a certain way to ensure they fit desk spaces and can remain, to a certain extent, mobile. Here is a short list of ways they can benefit you.

Circulation – The various motions, vibrations, and movements are noted to improve blood flow and circulation.

Muscle soothing – After a tiring day your muscles can get quite sore easily. The combination of heat therapy, and vibrations can have you feeling as good as new.

Relieve stress – Whilst feeling comfortable, it can help take your mind off things that are causing stress, which is great for keeping a healthy, fresh mindset for those important meetings.

Mobile – Some of these products are lightweight and come with castors attached to the base enabling you to wheel around just like any other kind of office chair.

Inexpensive – Compared to some other types of massage chairs in this industry, these are much more affordable which is good news for those working with a smaller budget.


We highlight the main features, options, settings, and capabilities of our chosen chairs above, to help readers get a clearer picture of what each model can do for you.

HomCom Executive Ergonomic

Made from a PU leather material, this is a office chair with massage settings that also givces a good variety in choice of colors, ranging between black, red, cream, and brown, the executive economic could well be a match for those who are looking to match the style of the room with the chair.

You get the ability to adjust the seating height, and to give an indication of its sturdiness and strength, the manufacturer notes it can handle a user weight capacity of up to three hundred pounds.

Wheels on the bottom allow you to wheel about the office collecting documents without having to leave the comfort of your chair.

Moving on to its massage settings, you can target various parts of your body with heat and massaging motions, including the lumbar region, upper and lower back, as well as your upper legs.

To give you a rough idea of padding, the listed thickness of the back is five and a half inches, whilst the seat area is listed as four inches.

For a basic model, or simply an upgrade to your current chair, this model from HomCom could work well.

Relaxzen 60-425111

Those among you wanting the next level up in functionality, will appreciate the options built into this model. Whilst it may be a stationary choice compared to ones with castors, it does provide more advanced settings than some of the more basic products on the market.

It’s still able to swivel and recline for users to set themselves up into a position they feel comfortable. It may be that you just want to kick back whilst talking on the phone or similar tasks, whatever it is, sitting in different positions throughout the day is important to stop yourself feeling stiff and getting general pains.

You get eight motors that are each controlled via remote, and can vibrate and heat at various locations throughout the back and seat, targeting lots of different muscle groups along the way to relieve tension. In addition to this, people can control the intensity of the massage as well as between nine programs.

The combination of its ComfortSoft material used and the choice of three different colors that look professional and presentable, which is exactly what you should be aiming for in most office environments. The ottoman you see in the image to the right is also part of the package and can act as a foot rest, and a way to target your legs.

Flash Furniture Black Leather Executive

This is a seat that shares many similarities with your standard office chair. It still includes the ability to swivel, move around on its castors, and the design is very similar.

If it’s basic settings you’re after, but with decent padding and position adjustments available, then this could suit your requirements. However, as some consumers have pointed out, this is not a product known for the quality of its massage.  It comes with a simple slider intensity mode for the back and seat area, controlled with a remote, and giving light relief from muscle soreness.

The back and seat are well cushioned for comfort, with levers to adjust the tilt position, and you have arm rests to lean on whilst you type.

For light use, or a cheap alternative to the more expensive models, this could work as a potential option.

Wrapping up

So we’re coming to the end of our buyers guide to finding the best rated office massage chairs now, and what have we learned. Well, for one thing, some scenarios require users to be constantly moving around to reach the fax machine, to and from your computer, or to the printer. The majority of these having wheels attached allows you to do so whilst remaining in the seated position. Too much standing up and sitting down throughout the day can take its toll on your body.

Additionally, whilst not carrying the same level of tech as some of the more advanced products, there is still a sensible amount built in that will help you keep stress levels low, as well as reducing other things such as muscle tension. They can certainly work well alongside some of these models for users feet. Overall, we believe they could make a smart investment for the home office.