Best Massage Cushions 2017. A Detailed Guide.

It’s no secret that the high end massage chairs can be quite expensive for the average consumer. Not only that, but they can take up space in the household that you just don’t have available. If either of these things apply to you, then a massage cushion could be the right choice for your comfort needs.

Unlike some products in the industry, these are simple to set up and ready to use within minutes. Plus they will give you the means to move it around the household whenever you need it. They tend to be highly portable and versatile, and are able to be placed easily to dining and living room seating with ease. So find that comfort and relaxation you have been missing whilst eating, or watching television.

We highlight some of our favorites below, by researching and analyzing the main features of each to help you find a suitable one for you.

Top rated massage chair pads

Image Name Rating
Dr Scholls DR8573 8/10
Homedics VC-110 7/10
Relaxzen 60-2910 8/10


Relaxzen 60-2910

If your a fan of heat therapy for soothing those muscle aches and pains, then you will enjoy the Relaxzen 60-2910. Not the most advanced model available, as it does lack the rollers and kneading, but for a basic, affordable option that utilizes both heat and vibration, this could be a good match.

It’s well padded in arguably the most sensitive regions of the body, with the neck and lumbar region well supported. The nice thing about this cushioning is that it includes memory foam which matches the curvature of your spine. Much like mattresses, this will allow you to sink into it and sit in a natural, comfortable position.

It’s fitted with ten motors, with the ability to switch between different intensity levels and speeds. As well as control over the heat settings.

From what we’ve gathered in our research, we understand that to date, it has received plenty of feedback, the majority currently being positive, but that shouldn’t stop you from digging to find and negative feedback and common faults either.

Simple to set up, and compared to other products like zero gravity chairs, you can save quite a lot of money.

HoMedics VC-110

Those of you wanting to hit your entire back utilizing vibrating therapy, the Homedics VC-110 could be ideal.

Whilst not offering advanced settings to that of office chairs, the simplicity of its spec list is what enables it to be affordable and at the same time offer the necessary functions to sooth back and muscle pain.

You get to pick between a high and low setting, and like the model above, you also get heat. Like many pads, this is easy to set up and mobile. Take it to another room with you, on holiday, it doesn’t matter, the footprint is low with measurements of 35 inches by 16.9 inches by 1 inches, and weighing just under 2 pounds.

We believe the upside of purchasing this product is in the price point. You’re not going to have to splash out hundreds to get your hands on this. But with upsides, usually comes downsides, and the negative aspects of this product is it lacks advanced technology that you may find in higher tier options.

Dr. Scholl’s DR8573

Operating on five motors, the DR8573 can utilize them to target individual regions of your body. In fact, you can choose between three separate zones. These include the thigh/buttocks, lower back, and upper back. Each of these can be changed using the remote. Which will also enable you to adjust the intensity and control each of the zones to a setting that puts you most at ease.

You will find three speeds to work through, as well as heating settings. However, as with many products and pads in this price range, you can expect more vibration than a full body massage. This is something that may work for some, but not be thorough enough for others.

Easy to move around and great for using whilst seated at the computer, the dining area, it even comes with an additional adapter to plug into the car cigarette lighter for a more comfortable driving experience.

Wrapping up

The products selected above are what we feel are among the best rated back massager for chairs on the market. Whilst there are probably several we may have missed in our analysis, these are the ones we believe provide a good mixture of value for money, functionality, and user friendliness. They are a more sensible, healthy approach to soothing muscles without needing to spend thousands of dollars. However, it should be noted that you aren’t going to get much relief for your lower body. For that, why not check out the products that massage your feet.