Best foot massager 2017. The ultimate guide.

Our feet take an awful lot of stress on board in day to day life. Some people can be standing or walking for hours at a time without rest, by the end of which you begin to feel the pain. But that’s exactly where a good foot massager can help you. They often come with smart technology designed to sooth pain and have your feet feeling as good as new in no time.

But how do you go about picking one from the crowd? At the massage throne, we look for specific things in product specification lists to help us choose where one product may excel over another. This can come down to a number of things including price, number of rollers, rotational movement, heat, timer settings, and how much control you get over it.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Relaxzen 60-3020 7/10
The Sharper Image MSG-F110 8/10
Carepeutic KH263 8/10


Take a look at the reviewed top picks below to broaden your understanding of how they may be beneficial to you.

Carepeutic KH263

Utilizing both rollers and heat therapy, the KH263 model could be a sensible solution for two scenarios. One, to get rid of aches and pains after a long, hard, day at work. And two, for people who want their feet warmed up.

It comes equipped with fourteen massage rollers that comes with 3d technology designed to give users a choice between how intensively the rollers massage your feet. In fact, users will be able to appreciate up to five different settings which ultimately enable to pick between light, soothing, and deeper, heavier settings.

What’s more, there is infrared technology included that will give off a temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius. (122 F). However, if you’re concerned about protecting your property in the event the product overheats, you need not worry. There is built in protection in the event that it overheats, as well as a timer that’s set as fifteen minutes. Both are important inclusions in case you fall asleep, or forget to turn it off.

It could be argued that the best feature is how portable it is. It’s not particularly big or heavy, and will slot under desks and smaller spaces with ease, which could make it a good choice for a home office.

After looking a bit deeper into what buyers have been saying about it, we’ve found several pieces of feedback around the web that talk about more, on average, the positives rather than the negatives. Which can be a good sign. However, we recommend looking into this yourself before you buy too.

The Sharper Image MSG-F110

The MSG-F110 has proved itself to be quite popular with consumers to date. But, what can it do for you?

To start with, you can expect it to help relieve stress and knots to gently soothe muscle pain. If you’ve got a job which requires you to be on your feet for long periods, this is the sort of machine that can be used to help you recover at home.

It has six kneading shiatsu heads that work in conjunction with heat control to produce a relaxing effect through targeting strategic pressure points.

And if you’re one of those people who dislike too much movement whilst you are comfortable, you will be happy to hear the buttons can be controlled using your toes.

Once again, because of the portable nature of these products, you can take them into work with you, slide them under the desk, and even store them away easily. This particular products footprint is just 5.2 inches by 16 inches by 14.5 inches.

Well worth looking into further if you have a higher than average budget as we have found plenty of good feedback around the web.

Relaxzen 60-3020

The 60-3020 could be the sensible choice for users who want nothing more than to get off your feet and relax after a long day.

Comes with a remote that ensures people get full control of massage direction, heat, and a on/off button.

Once turned on, users will be able to get a shiatsu massage designed to remove the stress and pain of everyday life. But perhaps the one thing that stands out is its ability to act as a foot warmer at the same time. You can choose to have the heat therapy work alone or alongside the shiatsu therapy.

It covers most of your feet which is ideal for creating a toasty, cozy environment, but not ideal for keeping it clean. However, the solution to this is that the fabric is able to be detached and washed separately for hygiene purposes.

In fact, the manufacturer goes on to say this can double up as a seat cushion too, which demonstrates how versatile some of these smaller products can be.

Wrapping up

Essentially, many of the chosen options in the list are foot vibrators with extra technology included, be it heating, or the variety in massage techniques and settings. Even if you don’t decide to go with one from our list, knowing what to expect from this type of product in terms of settings and features, is a step in the right direction towards finding one that meets your own requirements.