Best Massage Chair reviews 2017. Ultimate guide

Trying to relax after a long, hard day at work can be difficult. It’s not always as simple as switching off when you come in. The aches and pains of each day can be quite taxing and by the end of the week can leave you exhausted.

We aim to help our readers effectively rest and relax, using various devices around the household. Today, we will be looking into finding a good massage chair through in depth analysis of individual settings, construction, what buyers are saying, and much more.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Human Touch “HT-3300” 7/10
Osaki OS-4000 8/10
Panasonic EP-MA73 9/10
Relaxzen 60-425111 7/10
Real Relax Full Body 8/10
Inada DreamWave 9/10

How we researched

After countless hours of research, looking through hundreds of the best rated massage chairs, we have finally settled on a few options that provide users with a combination of value for money, functionality, and design. We’ve done this by analysing what each product is capable of through their specifications list. We also took time reading through both the positives and negatives of consumer feedback left to get a better understanding of product quality.


One thing that stands out immediately as one of the benefits is that if you look at the general price of hiring a masseuse, which can easily go above 100 bucks an hour, the original investment for a chair will pay for similar therapy sessions over time. The value for money is quite clear in this respect. You can also factor into this travel costs and the commuting time, all of which would no longer be a problem as everything you need would be in your home.

In addition to the above, those of you suffering from back pain, be it muscular or skeletal, a chair massage can provide a very welcome relief. Soothing the pain, and relaxing the muscles when you need it after a long, hard day.

They are also documented as being a great way to relieve stress of day to day life, as well as helping with mental health like anxiety.  The science behind this is about a release of endorphins that promote a happier, more relaxed, mind-set.

Finding the right massage therapy chair for you

Before you use our massage chair ratings to help you decide on a product in particular, you should be asking yourself several important questions. This will help you save time in the decision making process.

What is your budget?

Like many pieces of home furniture, you’ll find products that fall into several price bands, ranging from the low budget bargain options, through to the upper tier models that have some first rate technology included. The sensible thing to do is work out a rough budget before you start your research. By doing this, you can automatically filter results that appear in your searches that don’t meet your specific budget. We outline a few of the bands below and what you can expect to find within each.

Under $500 – For those not looking to splash out too much money, this is a band for you. Whilst there is savings to be made, don’t make the mistake in thinking this means they are of a lesser quality. In some cases that will hold true, which is normal considering you’re paying less, but you do sometimes come across hidden gems in the market that stand toe to toe with many upper tier competitors.

But what do you expect, functionality wise, from this range? Some models will come with limitations, be it in construction quality, or the amount of massage settings compared to the pricier options. However, you can still expect to be given full, user friendly control through using a remote, well designed, comfortable cushioning, and a reasonable number of settings focusing mainly on the lumbar region, but not always limited to that area. At the cheaper end of the scale you will find various cushions.

Under $1000 – This is the next level up in quality and one of the most popular budgets ranges for consumers. These products are usually the go to for upgrades and replacements for cheaper models because they tend to be more durable thanks to the quality of materials used.

Under $2000 – You shall find more powerful massage chairs in this band, with more settings, and more adjustments. They can be a smart investment for those who want to combine a feature rich product with longevity.

Above $2000 – If the chairs within this category are within your price range, you should expect nothing less than the best in the industry. You should be presented with an excellent amount of settings plus a great deal of adjustability in how you position yourself whilst seated.

Many of these will have world class exteriors that look and feel great. There should be no complaints about comfort and user friendliness when you’re paying this sort of money.

What do you need it to do?

Spending a little time thinking and identifying the reasons you need one of the top massage chairs is a smart step to take. Do you need it to work over the lumbar region alone, or are you wanting something that will help your whole body feel relaxed and at ease? There are products designed for the majority of people’s requirements, but why spend more cash then what is needed. Sometimes less really is more.

Available space

Some products can be quite large and take up a fair amount of space. This is bad news for those trying to squeeze one in smaller sized rooms. Be sure to have planned out which room it will be installed in, and how much floor space you have available to you. By doing this, you can make comparisons with the product dimensions.

Where to buy?

Some people like to go out and try chairs out at physical retail shops. This is sensible as many stores will allow customers to have a free demonstration if they are set up. The option to try before you buy is always nice.

However, with the explosion in growth of ecommerce sites, you can find so many different models online just one click away. The advantage of going down this route is seeing all the feedback and ratings compiled in one place.

Is there feedback from consumers?

Keeping track of what customers have been saying about a specific product can let you know all about its effectiveness, and whether or not it does as the manufacturer states. Quite often you can find information about any negative experiences someone has had with it as well as learning about any flaws and defects. We believe taking time to do the research now can save you running into problems in the near future.

What type of warranty policy does it include?

As with any product that requires you to part with your money, you should be thinking about what sort of coverage you get in the event things go pear shaped. For many models, you will want to look for at the very minimum coverage on parts for a year or two.

Other considerations

In addition to the list above detailing a short buyer’s guide of things to watch out for whilst shopping, there are several other things one should be taking into account before settling on any specific model. We list some of these below.

Massage settings

The settings should be a major part of anyone’s decision. The quality and location of each will determine how well they get rid of aches, pains, and cramps.

For lower tier models, you can’t expect much more than basic roller coverage and a small amount of choice in vibration options. By going for a low end model, you will unfortunately sacrifice a lot of settings in favor of getting a product more affordable.

Many mid-range and upper tier products are far more capable. You will find massage rollers coming in from a wide variety of angles and positions, with several options that include shiatsu, reflexology, focusing heat on body parts, vibration, and much more. Some models are highly adjustable which is great for scenarios where you are living with multiple people in the same household who may want to use it at different times of day.

Air bags

Pockets of air are often built into the chairs back and can be inflated or deflated depending on what a users comfort preferences are. They are designed to increase blood flow, as well as stimulate your muscles to sooth tender areas.

Heated seating and backs

As you would expect from the title, this is usually reserved for the more advanced models in the market. They will focus heat on specific areas of the chair which is known for achieving effective results for staying relaxed and not tensed up.


Another setting found in the mid to upper budget range products. The ability to recline and its zero gravity design, which has several health benefits including keeping your pulse rate low, and puts your body at ease.  It’s another great way to mix it up if you feel other settings aren’t achieving the results you want.


The industry offers several types of materials in construction. One of the most popular being leather, which can look great, modern, and clean. After all, who wants an ugly chair ruining the design of your lounge? However, for the high end products that include heating and more intensive massage settings, the quality of construction goes up for durability and longevity. Many that fall in this category have synthetic which is a better choice for holding its own against day to day wear and tear.


Some brand names in this industry have better reputation than others. You can opt to go for the safe route through tried and tested companies with lots of consumer reviews, or you can go down the road of a lesser known brand, that often are more affordability, but less is known about them. Both can work well, but we advise you check the warranty policies of any product before you make any sort of decision to make sure you’re covered in case you encounter any problems or faults early on.

Our massaging chair reviews

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu

With this armchair, you are spoiled for choice when we’re talking about the amount of settings built in. You can play with the eight points of massage to find what is more comfortable to you.

There are thirty five air bags built into it all in strategically placed positions including near your shoulders, the seat, back, and even the legs. This will ensure people get a full body work over for the ultimate relaxation.

What’s more, if you’re interested in getting some heat and vibration therapy you will be pleased to hear both are part of this package and you even get rollers for the soles of your feet. Combine that with its ability to recline and you have the recipe for comfort.

The design and exterior looks great, and with reasonably quiet operation, it’s perfect for resting in your living room, without irritating others in your vicinity.

Looking at the warranty policy is always something you should be taking seriously. You never know when you’re going to need to be covered. This model has a respectable three years warranty.

After researching around the web for what customers have been saying, we were pleasantly surprised with a lot of feedback found. The majority rated it highly, and seemed to speak positively of their purchase, which is a great sign.

However, some negative points we’ve found include a couple of taller people not being able to get the most out of it because they can’t fit their legs in. That may be something worth taking into account if you’ve got a tall person in your household.

Osaki OS-4000

This is an advanced chair massager, equipped with a zero gravity design and a whole set of specifications that will help you free yourself from muscles pain and discomfort.

You get six programs that run automatically. They include, therapy, smart, circulation, relax, healthcare and demo. Each setting has its own characteristics and purpose, which caters for a broader range of people’s needs.

You stand to get a true full body massage chair with functions built in for almost every body part including the back muscles, and much of your lower body. Plus its ability to detect and understand the curvature of peoples body, allows it to set itself into a position that provides the best support and comfort.

To the side, near the arm rests, you will be presented with a computer display that can be utilized for timing your massage sessions. Add in the wireless remote, and you begin to understand the convenience of not having to move around too much.

It features air bags all over, with thirty two in total located at varying positions such as your legs, back, seat, and shoulders. If you wish, you can also make use of its neck massage setting too for a truly full body session.

Unlike the Real Relax above, there doesn’t appear to be as much feedback from consumers, which some would see as a risk. However, being covered by a three years warranty policy, that includes home service of up to one year; you’re protected in case things don’t work out as planned.

Users will have to be prepared to pay quite a lot for all these features and functions, which can be off putting for some. But the variety offered could make it a worthwhile investment for many.

INADA DreamWave

With a fresh design and color, people whom are a fan or more unique styles may appreciate the INADA DreamWave. But casting aside how it looks externally, we want to analyse what its main capabilities are, and what it can do for you.

There is no doubt that this is a higher tier model, with some great features included to make life more comfortable and ensure people have a tool to relieve stress and chill out after a long, hard day. But with that comes a higher price tag. This isn’t a suitable match for people looking for a bargain. For that, you may wish to look elsewhere.

According to the manufacturer, this has special scanning technology included that looks at the users body and tries to find shiatsu points, enabling it to create a profile that is suitable for your own individual needs.

The inclusion of infrared therapeutic heating will help soothe sore muscles in the lumbar and thigh region, combined with the air cells that are designed to work and compress the lower body muscle groups, alongside the figure eight movement massages associated with DreamWave, and you will be feeling as good as new in no time.

One thing to take note of is that this is a product that weight more than three hundred pounds when fully assembled. So be sure your floor surface is strong enough to hold it, and we would advise getting some help with moving it around the house to reduce the chances of getting and injury whilst picking it up.

Human Touch “HT-3300”

This is a great example of a robotic style, recliner massage chair that could slot nicely into the corner of your living room. Made by Human Touch, It has a design that’s different from the ones above, being less bulky, and could be a sensible choice for those readers whom would like something that doesn’t look at of place with the rest of your house furniture.

Its upholstered with SofHyde, which holds similar properties to leather, looks great, and more importantly, presentable. Especially given the fact that the calve roller section can transform into an ottoman when not in use and blend in with its surroundings.

It has the ability to give people a full body massage whilst putting their feet up in front of the TV with settings that will work on your neck, lower body, and back. Additional comfort inclusions of stylish, oak accented arm rests, a head pillow, and power recline to adjust the angle of the chair to a position you find most relaxing. All of this sits on top of a sturdy oval base.

It also has three separate automatic programs built into the system that will give you the choice to target your whole back, the lower lumbar region, or your neck and shoulders.

This sits in the lower to mid tier price range making it an affordable option to some of the luxury items currently available on the market. It looks nice and contains enough functionality to feel refreshed after use.

Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair

Whilst not quite leather, the Comfortsoft upholstery of this model looks the part and could potentially work well as a seat for the lounge or even your office. It has the ability to swivel and recline too should you want to alter your position.

There are eight massage motors inside that provide users with vibration which alongside the heat treatment of the back, can make the seating experience first rate. The motors themselves come with the ability to target several regions of your body including the majority of your back, thighs, and calves. All important points that withstand a lot of stress and pressure on a day to day basis.

Users are offered quite a bit of control over their massage sessions thanks to automatic programs and varying intensity levels. In fact, whilst many products only offer up to five in this respect, this one has nine pre-programmed modes that can be switched between five levels of intensity, which will allow the vibrations to go at a pace of your liking.

Compared to its competitors, this is a more basic model. However, you will find that it’s one of the more affordable options, and well suited for someone not looking to splash out a lot of money.

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra

The EP-MA73 operates on a S-track style roller system that follows the curvature of your spine, this allows it to target the back and neck just as well as the rest of the body.

You get a decent range of programs included, six which are pre-set. But you also have the ability to change it between 6 manual operations for variety, as well as having some control over the intensity and speed of the massage.

You get thirty three air bags, and options that target the waist, arms, legs, buttocks, shoulders as well as hand and foot kneading to create a great, full body sensation that will have you feeling fresh in no time.

Additional comfort features include the ability to recline, and both head and arm rests to take the weight off.

Users up to 264 pounds will be able to use this chair, and for those of you are taller than average, the leg section adjusts, as does the head rest to accommodate people over six foot.

Assembly is noted as being reasonably simple with many of its parts already put together within the package, except a few minor parts such as the arm rests. The bulk of the work will be the lifting into the room you will be using it as it’s not light.

Overall, it’s received some solid reviews, and is manufactured by a reputable brand name in Panasonic. We believe this could be a solid option for those looking for quality, and not restricted too much when it comes to budget.

Wrapping up

We have done our best to provide readers with a in depth list above that covers a broad range of budgets, features, specifications, and styles. By following our buyers guide you should be able to find yourself a top rated massage chair whilst being better informed about individual settings and capabilities.  But, before you decide on purchasing anything, we always recommend that you read online reviews from consumers as they can quickly help you find the problems and bad experiences with any particular model. Good luck.